Ask The Expert: Chiropractic Myths

Ask The Expert: Chiropractic Myths

When encountering prospective patients, I find the greatest barrier to be the preconceived notions the general public has towards the profession. Chiropractic has existed for over 100 years while becoming inherently more mainstream as the years pass by. I will attempt to dispel some popular misconceptions people may have about chiropractors. If you are debating whether or not chiropractic is for you, don’t hesitate to call and ask for a free consultation.

Myth 1. The “cracking” sound you hear during an adjustment is the result of bones grinding. 

Fact: Joint dysfunction can lead to pain, muscle tightness or spasm. Chiropractors attempt to relieve these symptoms by manually adjusting the joints in your body to restore function. It is common to hear a “popping” sound during an adjustment which occurs due to the release of gas from a joint space when it is opened. This sound is normal, and completely safe.

Myth 2. Once you start seeing a chiropractor, you can’t stop.

Fact: A personalized treatment plan is put together for each individual after the initial assessment takes place. Some conditions respond quickly to treatment, while other conditions may require a more comprehensive treatment regimen. The problem didn’t occur over night, so don’t expect it to go away after one visit. Once treatment ends, some patients like to continue to seek treatment in an attempt to maintain the progress they have made. This is encouraged but not necessary.

Myth 3. Chiropractors only treat back pain. 

Fact: Think of chiropractors as doctors of physical medicine. We have been highly trained to care for all the joints in your body. Injuries to the spine, wrist, shoulders, and ankles, as well as many conditions such as whiplash, ligament sprains, carpal tunnel, and plantar fasciitis can all be successively treated with chiropractic care. We have many different treatment types that can be used to fit your needs such as medical acupuncture, shockwave therapy, and cold laser therapy.

Myth 4. Chiropractors are not real doctors.

Fact: Prospective chiropractors must complete 4 years of post-graduate study (8 years total), 4,000+ hours of specialized training, and pass Canada regulated board exams, if they wish to practice in Canada. The profession is highly regulated and chiropractors are one of a limited number of healthcare professionals allowed to use the designation of “doctor.”

Myth 5. Neck Adjustments are dangerous.

Fact: The impact of chiropractic adjustments have been researched extensively. Complications are rare and side effects are minor. Chiropractors are highly trained to determine if your condition will respond to chiropractic care. If after an initial assessment, it is determined that chiropractic is not right for you, a referral to another healthcare provider will be made.

Myth 6. You need a referral from your family physician to see a chiropractor.

Fact: Chiropractors are primary-contact health professionals. This means that patients can seek advice from them directly without needing a referral or prescription from their doctor. To maximize patient outcomes, chiropractors will often work closely with medical doctors to ensure patients are receiving the best care possible.

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