Decluttering: Prepare Your House For Sale

Decluttering: Prepare Your House For Sale

In real estate, buyers buy space. The more space you're able to show, whether it be living or storage space, the more you'll be able to sell for and the faster your house will sell. Unfortunately, that's easier said than done. Most people are pack rats. Rooms have too much furniture and you'll find stuff overflowing in every nook and cranny. There's little space for walking sometimes, much less for living.

Decluttering is the process of reclaiming the space in your house from years of collecting and storing. Don't expect the buyers to ignore all this and imagine your house in its clutter-free state. Buyers sometimes see dozens of houses in one day and their brains are overtaxed. Declutter so the buyers can see your house, not your mess.

If you do nothing else to improve the value of your house, at least do this. Remarkably, decluttering is not difficult and there is help available, yet a lot of sellers don't put enough effort into it!

Urge To Purge Inc. Helpful Tips

  1. Buyers gauge your house against your competitors by its cleanliness. They want to know your house has been well cared for and has not been left neglected. If you don’t have the time to clean then you should hire a professional. It’s a smart investment.
  2. Landscaping: weed out your lawn and re-seed damaged spots.
  3. Laundry Room: fold towels and stack them on the shelves. It’s eye candy to look at.
  4. Improve the curb appeal of your house by giving it a thorough clean. It shows pride of ownership. When the first impression of the exterior is positive, buyers look forward to seeing the rest of your house.
  5. Get rid of the excess.  Pack overstocked and off-season items away. For example, if you’re selling your house in the summer then put away winter wear and sporting gear.
  6. Holding a garage sale is another good way to get rid of things quickly. Just remember these tips: 1. Price everything to sell. 2. Provide a freebee bin to attract customers. A freebee bin is great for hard-to-get-rid of items. 3. Look to lower the price further if the stuff isn’t selling. Remember, you don’t want it crawling back into your house.

What We Do:

Our core business is engineered around decluttering client's homes and helping them reclaim their space. UTP is aware that every client is different and has unique needs and we construct a game plan around those needs. Whether you need a single room decluttered, your home office, or your entire house we have the staff, the knowledge, and the solutions to complete this project from start to finish. We will work with you to develop a game plan and then UTP will put it into motion. From removal of unwanted furniture, clothing, and junk, your home will be restored and given back to you.

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