The People In Your Neighbourhood: Flo Therrien of Great Canadian Home Improvements

The People In Your Neighbourhood: Flo Therrien of Great Canadian Home Improvements

"The People in Your Neighborhood," performed on Sesame Street, is a familiar song from our youth. The song focuses on occupations, with each variation focusing on different jobholders in the community.  The Professional Referral Group, which meets bi-weekly at Keith's Restaurant, would like to introduce you to a few people in your neighborhood!


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In two to three sentences, explain your business.

We at Great Canadian Home Improvements can take care of all your interior and exterior renovations. We can renovate from basement to the top floor, sidewalk to your rear fence and everything in between, with integrity and quality being the backbone of everything that we do.What is your greatest business accomplishment?

What is your greatest business accomplishment?

My greatest accomplishment is leaving my safe and secure job 10 years ago and starting Great Canadian Home Improvements. With my beautiful wife and family backing me up, success was my only option and success with Great Canadian Home Improvements is indeed what I accomplished.  

How do people usually find out about your business?

I would say that 75% of the work that I get after 10 years of being in business is from word of mouth, the single best form of advertising. The rest is from the internet and the yellow pages.

What makes you different from other businesses?

This is an easy question to answer, "Integrity" is the key. I know we are not the only business with integrity but we treat are customers like family. We do not cut corners to save a few pennies, we know that word of mouth is our greatest asset and it is essential that when we are done a project the customer is totally happy with the project. 

What do you like about living and working in Niagara?

I was born and raised in Welland and this is where I will stay till the end of my days. There is so much to see and do in this area, why would you want to leave.

I have a great wife and two beautiful girls and I cannot think of a place other than Niagara that I would want to raise a family. 


The Professional Referral Group

The Professional Referral Group is a referral group comprised of trustworthy, reliable and knowledgeable professionals located in Pelham, Fonthill and the surrounding communities.

All members of the PRG have been screened to ensure they meet our high standards.  We only accept companies we can recommend. These are the people WE trust and refer. We hope you will too.

Visit us at for more information and membership inquiries. 

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