Membership Benefits

Are you a small business owner who wants grow your business and potentially be introduced to between 50 to 100 new prospects per week?
Well word of mouth although perhaps old fashioned is still recognized as one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to grow your business.
With this in mind, the Professional Referral Group was started by 2 local businesses 7 years ago and been going strong ever since.
How would you like to have 10 ambassadors of your business out there who in turn meet 5 new prospects each week?  That is at least 25 potential additional prospects for your business each week!
How does this happen? Well with the Professional Referral Group (PRG) , each member is committed to keeping an eye out for opportunities for each other's businesses.
The result has been tens of thousands of dollars of business over the years has been transferred over the table directly as a result of our joint efforts!
How have we been so successful?
Well we are very selective as to whom is allowed into the PRG.
First each new prospective member has to go through extensive reference checks and the general membership then votes on whether to allow this prospective new member in.
Not everybody makes the cut!
This gives us 2 layers of security ensuring the candidate is both a professional and delivers excellent Customer Service, we will accept nothing less.  This gives us the opportunity to have the confidence in the new member right away and accelerates the referral process.
Practice your salesmanship!
You may be the Best at what you do but who else knows?
Can you present your product or service to others in a way that makes them want to work with you?  You get an opportunity at each meeting to explain what you do and why you should be referred.  This is a great way for you to "brag" a little and learn to be even more confident about your business!
You will also get an opportunity to present to the group a 15 minute overview of your business each year to the rest of the Members.  In addition, we also have a yearly marketing budget which as a group we decide how to invest.  There are no overhead expenses as all Executive positions are voluntary.
We have excellent contacts throughout the Niagara Peninsula so we do not limit our growth opportunities.
We are a friendly group of entrepreneurs who are committed to our professions , wanting to grow our businesses and willing to help our members grow theirs.
We also want to give back  and offer a scholarship at EL Crossly for a worthy  student who is planning an entrepreneurship career after either college or University.
We have great breakfasts, a few laughs and excellent  camaraderie so get in touch with us and see for yourself.
The first breakfast is on us!